What We Do

Free2Hope Inc.

Free2Hope Inc. is a local non profit 501(c)3 charity organization fighting human trafficking throughout Kentucky.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take NEW proactive approaches to prevent human trafficking and other sex crimes against women and children throughout our state. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to begin a strategic social change movement that will help end human trafficking and make our communities safer for everyone. 

What We do

We use a unique model that we believe will systemically disrupt human trafficking and makes our communities safer for all community members.  

Our 3 E Model

  • Educate- the general public about HT and its prevalence in the community. 
  • Equip- local businesses and the communities to address and prevent trafficking. 
  • Expose- the business of human trafficking through targeted outreach campaigns.  


The Education Program offers many multiple programs and training on human trafficking for the general public. We also offer more extensive training classes tailored
for specific audiences i.e. schools, church groups, businesses, first ​responders, etc. We want all citizens to be on the lookout in their communities for trafficking victims as well
as have the tools they need to keep their own children safe from becoming a victim.  

The Outreach Program
was created specifically to equip community groups to reach
out to their community with information on human trafficking. We provide all materials and you provide volunteers who want to who want to make a tangible difference in our community. Our desire is that all citizens be made aware that human trafficking is happening here in our own communities and to provide them the means to make a difference.

The Business Program was created specifically for local businesses who agree to partner with us in reaching out in their community with information on human trafficking. It is our desire for all citizens to be made aware of human trafficking, and to know that trafficking takes place right here in our own community.  We also supply  the National Human Traffic Hotline phone number. We feel this program will accomplish these goals.  

About Free2Hope Inc.

We are Members of:

  • Kentucky State Human Trafficking Task Force 
  • Southern Indiana Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Appointed to the Survivors Council of Kentucky by Attorney General Andy Beshear


  • 2015- Human Rights Award  United Nations Association Kentucky Division  
  • 2015- The Liberator Award Kentucky Rescue and Restore  
  • 2016- Voices for Victims Award Indiana Attorney General  
  • 2017- SAAMy Award Innovative Program Award Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs (KASAP)   


  • TJ Maxx District 2312
  • Kristy Love Foundation
  • Family and Children's Center
  • Kentucky Baptist Convention
  • Crossroads Pregnancy Center 
  • Catholic Charities of Kentucky
  • Youth with a Mission- Louisville 
  • Attorney General Beshear of Kentucky
  • University of Louisville Women’s Center 
  • Franklin County Human Trafficking Task Force 
  • Southern Indiana Human Trafficking Task Force  


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