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Free2Hope Inc.

What we do

Free 2 Hope, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization located in Louisville, Kentucky that is taking a new approach to help stop human trafficking. We believe that a victim-centered approach is absolutely crucial for persons who have been victims of human trafficking.    

Free 2 Hope, Inc. uses a unique 4 E-model that we believe will systematically disrupt human trafficking and makes our communities safer for all:

  1. Educate - the general public about human trafficking and its prevalence in their specific communities. We also offer more extensive educational programs and training.
  2. Equip - local businesses and the communities to address and prevent human trafficking.
  3. Expose - the business of human trafficking through targeted outreach campaigns.
  4. Enable- a safe space for young women who are at risk of trafficking or who have traded sex to survive to find rest, resources and build community.


About Free2Hope Inc.

We are Members of:

  • Kentucky State Human Trafficking Task Force 
  • Southern Indiana Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Louisville Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Appointed to the Survivors Council of Kentucky 


  • 2015- Human Rights Award  United Nations KY   
  • 2015- The Liberator Award KY Rescue and Restore 
  • 2016- Voices for Victims Award
    Indiana Attorney General Office
  • 2017- SAAMy Award Innovative Program Award Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs 
  • 2017- Appointed to The Survivors Council of KY


  • TJ Maxx District 2312
  • Kristy Love Foundation
  • Family and Children's Center
  • Kentucky Baptist Convention
  • Crossroads Pregnancy Center 
  • Catholic Charities of Kentucky
  • Youth with a Mission- Louisville 
  • Attorney General Beshear of Kentucky
  • University of Louisville Women’s Center 
  • Franklin County Human Trafficking Task Force 
  • Southern Indiana Human Trafficking Task Force  
  • And many many more

Amy Leenerts – Founder/Director Free2Hope

Telling about your victimization is not easy, but some freedom can come in the process. Understand that victims of violent crimes are not mandated to give you their whole story at your will. Sometimes it will take a lifetime to tell it all....if and when we choose to. I have encountered many who think we owe them information of what happened to us, and this is wrong. Don't see us as broken, see us as true SURVIVORS because that's truly who we are.
Thank you Kirt Jacobs of MoxieTalk

Ask How Your Business Can Help

Free2Hope Static Cling

An easy way for a business to help stop human trafficking in their area. These can be found in hundreds of business all over Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Below are some examples:

  • Kentucky Department of Transportation installed mirror static clings at Rest stops throughout the state of KY
  • Keeneland Spanish Placards installed throughout the backside, bathrooms, tack rooms, bath houses and dorms.

TJ Maxx Charity of Choice

All TJ Maxx stores in districts D4117 and D4121 have information in all of the stores on human trafficking, tips to spotting it and the hotline number to call. 

TJ Maxx Freedom 2 Hope Bags

The management and associates of D4117 and D4121 gatherer all the items on the list, and pay for them as well. The bags are then given to service providers throughout Kentucky. 200 bags are donated yearly 

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Would you like to know more about how your business or Industry can get involved to help end human trafficking in our state?

Free2Hope Inc.

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