How can I help?

Volunteer Coordinator
Manages monthly volunteer calendar, Maintain volunteer database,Track volunteer hours, Record volunteer meeting minutes, and communicate updated info. to volunteers.

Community Outreach Coordinator

Coordinate Education Program,Hotel Campaign, Outreach Program and

business Campaign

Public Relations

Manages social media, advertising, social media, assist w/fundraising, write press releases, maintains internet website.


Facilitates volunteer orientations, meetings, and at times conducts general training sessions when needed

Drop-in Center

You will have to have to submit to a personal interview, and a background check for this volunteer opportunity. 

  • Assist with Employment, Interview Guidance
  • Organize a drive at your school, church or office for needed items.
  • Provide lunch on a Wednesday.
  • Provide Clerical Assistant to staff.
  • Sort and organize donations.
  • Share your talents with the ladies (hair-cutting, crafts, music, etc.).