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Human Trafficking 101

Session Description:

Through lecture and interactive discussions this session will focus on establishing a clear picture of what human trafficking is and what it is not, provide a basis of understanding of the root causes and effects of human trafficking and give examples of the warning signs of the trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors. Additionally, it will train individuals to be on the lookout in their communities and respective spheres of influence for potential trafficking victims, as well as, equipping them with the tools they need to keep their own children safe from becoming a potential victim.  


Learning Objectives: 

Participants will be able to legally define what human trafficking is; differentiate between prostitution, human smuggling and human trafficking; and identify various people groups that are at a higher-risk of becoming victims of human trafficking. 

Participants will become familiar with the methods of how trafficking victims are recruited and be able to recognize the warning signs of human trafficking when encountering a potential victim. Through an interactive discussion participants will also gain insights into the mindset of a victim and why human trafficking victims are not more readily identified and rescued. 

Additionally, participants will have gained increased situational awareness regarding various social media forums as it relates to the victimization of children, as well as the perpetration of the trafficking of children. 

Furthermore, participants will gain a framework of understanding of the current legal system as it relates to seeking justice for victims and the enforcement of human trafficking charges against traffickers.   

Lastly, participants will leave the session equipped with tools and information to be proactive in keeping their children safe from becoming potential victims and to respond to the needs of current victims of human trafficking.  

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