Drop-in Center Services

December 2017

We are opening a Drop-in Center for victims of human trafficking and prostitution. Our facility will be a place where women can come to once a week, for 4 hours a day to build community, and for professional services with a victim-centered approach. Programming includes weekly case management services, group life skill sessions, a meal and access to a donation closet as well as other services.    


Services include

  • Restrooms
  • Community  
  • First aid supplies 
  • Hygiene products  
  • Seasonal outerwear  
  • Basic needs resources  
  • Group life skill sessions  
  • A meal, and a snack to go  
  • Health insurance resources
  • Substance abuse resources 
  • Case management services 
  • Job assistance/and resources  
  • Periodic mobile medical service
  • Periodic mental health services
  • Temporary break from the elements