Drop-in Center drop in service

Wednesdays 10:00am- 2:00 pm

Are you a woman “in the life” and need help?
962 Barret Ave. Louisville, KY 40204
drop in service
victim services


Services include

  • Restrooms
  • First aid supplies 
  • Hygiene products  
  • Seasonal outerwear  
  • Building a Community 
  • Basic needs resources  
  • Group life skill sessions  
  • A meal, and a snack to go  
  • Health insurance resources
  • Substance abuse resources 
  • Case management services 
  • Job assistance/and resources  
  • Periodic mobile medical service
  • Periodic mental health services
  • Temporary break from the outdoors

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Free2Hope Drop-in Center

Drop-in Center location

962 Barret Ave. Louisville, KY 40204

Open Wednesdays