We purchased a property at 2539 W. Main Street Louisville, KY 40212 that we will run our day to day


Free2Hope, Inc. attained 501(3)(c) non-profit status July 25, 2014. Free2Hope’s mission involves these goals: 

(1) To provide education to the community increasing awareness related to the occurrence of human trafficking in Kentucky, the United States, and globally.

(2) To provide programs that help to equip local businesses and the communities to address and prevent human trafficking in their areas.

(3) To provide a Women’ Help Center for female victims of domestic violence, sex crimes including human trafficking; to get help with basic needs, such as finding local resources, life skill classes, job opportunities, and providing a supportive environment for people to heal from traumatic experiences.  

Free2Hope, Inc. has an excellent reputation for meeting the basic human needs of the vulnerable and victimized women in Louisville, Kentucky. We recognize that a dedicated place for resources to guide people on a path to self-sufficiency is the best way to create real change in individuals and their communities. Free2Hope helps guide victimized women to their path to self-sufficiency. Also by providing life skills classes, a clothing closet, home budgeting, and job readiness classes, we plan to help make women stronger and more self-sufficient in the community, and ultimately to be part of the solution to help rebuild the person and the communities.    

Services include

We provide women help through our Women's Help Center, as well as the services listed below.

  • Hygiene products 
  • First aid supplies
  • Seasonal outerwear 
  • Building a Community 
  • Basic needs resources 
  • A meal, and a snack to go 
  • Health insurance resources
  • Substance abuse resources 
  • Case management services 
  • Job assistance/and resources 
  • and many many more